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Print Publications:

Municipal Reporter, Daily Herald newspaper

Marketing Writer / Graphic designer, Nike Securities

Co-authored, Clues for the Clueless Series: Careers (Barbour Publishing, Incorporated, 1999)

Co-authored, Clues for the Clueless Series: Retirement (Barbour Publishing, Incorporated, 1999)

Authored, Called to Conform, an 8-week Bible Study, written for my church, 110 women participated

The Secret Place: Devotions for Daily Worship (quarterly devotional)

“God’s Unfailing Forgiveness"

"He Knows Your Name"

Today's Christian Living Magazine

“From College Flunky to Committed Christ-follower"

Online Publications:

  • Desiring God (John Piper)

          "Six Ways to Love a Wayward Child" (3.7K shares)

This article generated a lot of wonderful responses from around the world. Pastor Shane Roche from England wrote me personally, saying, "While searching for some inspiration for an upcoming Bible series, I came across [this article]. I just want to say you are absolutely brilliant! Feeling inspired. Thank you so much. Never stop writing."

It was also referenced by Liz Kanoy in her article,  "How Do I Show Love to My Prodigal Child?" (

          "Four Aromas God Loves Most"

  • Revive Our Hearts (Nancy Leigh DeMoss Wolgemuth)

          "Fanning the Flame"

          "Full Assurance, Eager Anticipation"

          "A True Inheritance Kept for All Eternity"

  • Just Between Us (Jill Briscoe)

          “Following God’s Lead"

          "Overcoming the Stigma of Depression"


  • Unlocking the Bible (Colin Smith)

          "Hagar and El Roi, the God Who Sees"

(This article was referenced by Lana Christian in her article, "Needing to Be Seen" (American Christian Fiction Writers)

          "What to Do When Jealousy Strikes"

          "Discouragement May Lead You to Three Temptations"

          "12 New Year's Reflections to Replace New Year's Resolutions"

          "Responding to the Deconversion of a Friend or Family Member"

          "I Want to Read the Bible. How Do I Start?"


  • Christian Woman Magazine

          “Micro Retreats"

(Although this article is no longer available online, Editor Nicole Danswan said, "When somebody of your calibre comes along, I don't waste a moment...Please feel free to send me anything you've done. We love writers like yourself!")

          "What's in a Name?" (Editor's Pick)

  • Blogos (blog of GotQuestions)

          48 blog posts (here are a few)

          "Misplaced Hope"

         "The Gnarled Family Tree of Jesus"

         "The Blessings of Divine Time Outs"

          "Pit Principles"

         "The Woman at the Well"

  • Christian Devotions (Cindy Sproles, Eddie Jones)

          "Talking to God"

          "Discipleship Looks Different for Everyone"

          "God's Perfect Timing"

          "The God Package"

          "Envy Has a Color: Black"

          "Sinful Consequences Taste Bad"

          "Faith Moves Forward"

Speaking Engagements:

Keynote speaker at three Women's Retreats in IL and PA



Honorable Mention, Writer's Digest Short Story Contest, 2018

“Samaria Revisited"

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