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  • Denise Kohlmeyer


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: I am treasured by God.

If we’re honest with ourselves, we don’t often believe we’re special or treasured. We think of ourselves as worthless, undervalued, easily overlooked.

I have known this feeling. At one point, I thought I was of no value to anyone, much less to God. I saw myself as worthless because I had made a mess of my life in college. While attending a Big Ten university, I paid more attention to my social life and all its enticements than to my studies. After three semesters, I flunked out. I received the letter on New’s Year Eve day, 1986.

To say that I felt like garbage is an understatement. I was thoroughly humiliated, embarrassed, and felt utterly stupid. What would people think of me? What was I going to do with my life? How was I going to “make something of myself?”

My worth, I believed at that time (I was not a believer then), was tied to that degree, to that future job I was going to get. Those things would give me value, make me valued.

Not so, said God.

I know now that it was His mercy to flunk me. His kindness. And after my conversion in 1987, He showed me that my value was not in any degree or occupation or accomplishment. “You are valuable because you are My child, redeemed by the blood of My Son, Jesus.”

I am special because of my standing in Christ. I am righteous and justified. No longer a sinner, but a saint.

My value and my worth are in my position, as a child of God. Period.

Is it the same with you? Do you feel like you’re worthless because of some poor, immoral, or unethical choices you’ve made?

God can redeem them. God will redeem them! Because He loves you. He sees you as worthy, and worth saving. He values you simply because you’re His child. You’re special to Him. And, He will make treasure out of your trash, because you are treasured.

Repeat that today, as many times as you need to: I. Am. Treasured. By. God.

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