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  • Denise Kohlmeyer


Thought for the day: Speak plainly the Truth that saves souls.

I once heard a pastor tell someone they shouldn’t answer the question “If I don’t believe in Jesus, am I going to hell?” This pastor said there was “another way” to answer that question, without having to answer it outright. Essentially, he was telling this person to put a “spin” on the question, rather than tell the truth. Truth that might have—could have—saved the questioner’s soul, rescued them from condemnation, damnation. Hell!

More and more, I am hearing about this in America’s churches. Pastors and parishioners, alike, are adopting the current culture’s method of spin, false narratives, and “fake news.” They dodge curious, honest questions. They evade and avoid (like politicians), when God calls us, as ambassadors for Christ, to “set forth the truth plainly” (2 Corinthians 4:2b, NIV).

Blood-redeemed believers are called to be God-pleasers, not men-pleasers. If we please men, then yes, we will put a “spin” on honest, forthright, hard questions. If we please men, then yes, we will give a false narrative (You’ve made mistakes; God is only love; He will not judge you), so as not to “offend.”

But Truth is offensive, because it shreds the darkness, exposes the sin; and no one likes that. No one likes to see themselves as they really are: a sinner. Even the word sin has been “spun” to become mistake.

Friends, Jesus did not die for our mistakes. How wasteful (and useless) that would have been. He died for sins, which have a much more grievous and eternal consequence.

But the “offensive parts” of the Gospel (You are a sinner, who is under God’s judgement and bound for hell if you do not believe in Jesus’ wonderful, sacrificial gift of faith and forgiveness), if plainly, honestly, lovingly and graciously proclaimed to people who are perishing, has the potential to lead someone to the Light. To be saved, redeemed, restored. Bound for heaven!

It’s getting harder to be ambassadors these days. But be brave. Be courageous. Speak for God. Speak plainly the Truth that saves souls. It could be the difference between heaven and hell to your listener.

Be informed. Be encouraged.

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