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  • Denise Kohlmeyer


Pits happen. Every day. To everyone. Even to God’s children. Our lives’ landscapes are often pock-marked with pits of varying shapes, sizes, and depths. I myself have experienced a myriad of pits in my life: emotional abuse, flunking out of college, a miscarriage, depression, being disinherited.

I can so relate to Joseph, who found himself in several pits: a literal one and figurative ones.

Literal pits and figurative pits (trials and tribulations) interestingly share very similar characteristics, in that both are deep, dark, confining, lonely, and down-right scary places.

Many times, I tried to climb and claw my way out on my own, only to rain down dirt and debris upon myself, making the journey that much messier. But from Joseph, I learned that I can not only survive while in a pit, but actually thrive while I’m there. I can remain in one without struggling, for it’s in those dark, rocky places that I’ve learned the greatest lessons, lessons about myself, about others, about God.

How is that possible? Well, while in a pit, I’m “held captive” long enough to quiet my mind, my heart, and my soul, so that I’m ready to draw closer to God, more willing lean into Him, more receptive hearing the still, small whisper of His voice. It’s in the pit that I learn to wholly and genuinely commune and find fellowship with my Abba Daddy, without distraction.

Through the pits, I've also learned eight principles for thriving there, which you can practice too: 1) look up to God from whence comes your help; 2) cry out to Him for strength and comfort; 3) wait patiently for Him to deliver you; 4) yield to the lessons He would have you learn; 5) serve as best you can; 6) pray for times of renewal and refreshing; 7) confess whatever sin that may have gotten you into a pit (if applicable); and 8) forgive those who may have “caused” your pit, like Joseph’s brothers, and bless them.

Lord God, I am in a pit right now. I can’t see my way out. Help me to trust you while I’m here. Teach me to yield to you while I'm here, to lean wholly on you, and to wait patiently for you to deliver me. Amen.

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