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  • Denise Kohlmeyer


For months, I've had this phrase on my mind, "Keep me quiet, Lord," but I never knew why. Then, over time, these sweet words came to me, and I attempted to voice them in a poem. Today's post is not a devotional, but I hope and pray it blesses you nonetheless. God is good, and He speaks to us in a variety of ways, doesn't He?

Keep me quiet, Lord.

Your voice that may I hear,

So low and so gentle,

So calm and so dear.

Keep me quiet, Lord.

Your presence to be known,

Whether in joy or in grief,

When all I can do is groan.

Keep me quiet, Lord.

To discern your holy precepts,

Which guide and ground,

From making one thoughtless misstep.

Keep me quiet, Lord.

Your glory and honor and all Thy praise,

Which nature’s noise imparts,

And with my voice I too will raise.

Keep me quiet, Lord.

As thunder, lightning, and pounding rain,

Exalt, extol, and declare,

Your mercies anew, wash away every stain.

Keep me quiet, Lord.

Just…keep me quiet.

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