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  • Denise Kohlmeyer


Sometimes I think in my dirtiest, sinful moments that Jesus must be repulsed, that He takes a step backwards, away from me, a look of utter disgust on His face.

But I—we—needn’t fear that reaction from Jesus. When uncleanness—which all sin is—visits us—whatever that sin is: lying, impatience, anger, drunkenness, harsh words, etc.—Jesus moves toward it. Toward us. Not away. He moves toward us in our dirtiest moments in the hopes of cleanses us from that sin. Of inviting us to forgiveness and restoration.

It’s the same with our suffering. He moves toward it with compassion, love, and mercy. Of inviting us into comfort and strength to endure that suffering, that trial, that temptation.

Where others may move away from us during those times—the equivalent of the Levitical system where the “clean” avoided the “unclean”—Jesus moves toward us. With compassion. With love. With mercy. With hope and healing. Restoring our humanness and worthiness.

He did this time and again when He walked the earth. Lepers, Peter’s mother-in-law, the blind, the deaf, a stooped woman (see Luke 5:12-14, 13:11-13; Mark 1:30-31, 7:32-35; Matthew 9:29-30). Not only did He approach these “unclean” persons, He touched them. He offered them that smallest of human needs: physical contact. In doing this, He made them feel loved, worthy, like a human again.

Says Pastor Dane Ortlund in his book “Gently and Lowly”—which I highly recommend—“Jesus walked the earth rehumanizing the dehumanized and cleansing the unclean.”

Thomas Goodwin seconds that opinion. “Christ is love covered over in flesh,” he says. Amen!

Jesus is still “touching” us today in our sinful, suffering states. He takes our uncleanliness, our hurting hearts, and with a touch of His Spirit, we are made new and whole and healed again.

Jesus is still moving toward us. Toward you! Whatever you are going through today—at this moment in time—receive that touch. Allow it to comfort you, strengthen you, restore you.

Be encouraged. Be blessed.

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