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  • Denise Kohlmeyer


Beloved. What a beautiful word. And when you know the Greek translation of it, it become even more precious.

Beloved: “loved, dear, esteemed, favorite.”

Did you know God uses this word 60 times in the Bible when addressing his people? In essence, God is calling us His esteemed ones, His dear ones, His favorite ones. It is used—and only used—of those who have been reconciled to God through Jesus Christ. God does not call anyone outside of Christ beloved. ONLY His blood-bought children.

If that doesn’t warm and assure your heart, I don’t know what could.

I write this because Valentine’s Day is next week, and some of you may be dreading this day, given that you may not have a significant other in your life, or your children are far away. For others, you welcome this day with warm hearts and open arms.

Regardless of your status—single, divorced, married, widowed—please know that if you are His child, you are beloved. You are loved and favored by God. Focus on your status as GOD'S BELOVED on February 14, above anything else.

Below is a short prayer that you can pray on that day, to remind yourself of how much you are loved and esteemed by your heavenly Father. How you are a favorite child of God.

Jesus, my Redeemer, you made a way for me to be with God in heaven, which is my dearest hope. Jesus, my Sanctifier, you make me complete day by day. Jesus, my Shepherd, you call me by name, you know me; and you guard and guide me every day. Jesus, my High Priest, you are attentive to my every prayer, even when I don’t know what or how to pray. In you, Jesus, I am truly blessed and wholly satisfied. I need nothing else and no one else. No earthly, temporary gift compares to you, Jesus. I am BELOVED because of you! Thank you, sweet Jesus, for the gift of yourself in all its many facets. Amen.

Be encouraged. Be loved. Amen.

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