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  • Denise Kohlmeyer



With God’s presence and power, we can thrive in a “foreign” situation.

He was a young teenager taken from his family. Taken to a foreign country, where the people were foreign, spoke a foreign language, practiced foreign customs, and ate foreign food. He was even given a foreign name and placed in a foreign abode.

He must have wondered how he was supposed to survive, much less thrive, in this foreign situation. For the next 70 years, no less.

This is Daniel’s story in Daniel 1-12.

You may be able to relate to Daniel in the sense that you currently find yourself in a “foreign” situation, one you’ve never experienced before: jobless, divorced, childless, an unexpected illness, etc. You don’t know how you’re going to survive, much less thrive in this situation. You may even be wondering how long it will last. A week, a month, a year? Maybe even decades, like Daniel?

Take heart. You can thrive like Daniel in your own “foreign” situation.

First of all, your situation is not a surprise to God. In His sovereignty, he’s allowed it to happen, which also means He’s with you in it, helping you, guiding you, instructing you. All the while, too, his presence and power are with you.

Secondly, God only asks that you remain devoted to him, keeping your eyes on Him continually; and serve him as faithfully as you can, even if it’s only through your prayers.

And when you’re tempted to sink into anxiety or bitterness, exercise self-discipline and godly character by giving it to the One who loves you dearly and holds you in his heart closely.

Be encouraged.

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